Class BasicHttpException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, HttpMessage, HttpResponse
Direct Known Subclasses:
BadRequest, Conflict, ExpectationFailed, FailedDependency, Forbidden, Gone, HttpVersionNotSupported, InsufficientStorage, InternalServerError, LengthRequired, Locked, LoopDetected, MethodNotAllowed, MisdirectedRequest, NetworkAuthenticationRequired, NotAcceptable, NotExtended, NotFound, NotImplemented, PayloadTooLarge, PreconditionFailed, PreconditionRequired, RangeNotSatisfiable, RequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge, ServiceUnavailable, TooManyRequests, Unauthorized, UnavailableForLegalReasons, UnprocessableEntity, UnsupportedMediaType, UpgradeRequired, UriTooLong, VariantAlsoNegotiates

Basic implementation of the HttpResponse interface for error responses.

Although this class implements the various setters defined on the HttpResponse interface, it's in general going to be more efficient to set the status/headers/content of this bean through the builder.

If the unmodifiable flag is set on this bean, calls to the setters will throw UnsupportedOperationException exceptions.

  • Beans are not thread safe unless they're marked as unmodifiable.
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