Class HtmlSchemaSerializer

All Implemented Interfaces:
AnnotationProvider, HtmlMetaProvider, XmlMetaProvider
Direct Known Subclasses:
HtmlSchemaSerializer.Readable, HtmlSchemaSerializer.Simple, HtmlSchemaSerializer.SimpleReadable

Serializes POJO metamodels to HTML.
Media types
Handles Accept types: text/html+schema

Produces Content-Type types: text/html

Essentially the same as HtmlSerializer, except serializes the POJO metamodel instead of the model itself.

Produces output that describes the POJO metamodel similar to an XML schema document.

The easiest way to create instances of this class is through the HtmlSerializer.getSchemaSerializer(), which will create a schema serializer with the same settings as the originating serializer.

  • This class is thread safe and reusable.
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