Class FluentAnyAssertion<T,R>

Type Parameters:
T - The object type.
R - The return type.
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class FluentAnyAssertion<T,R> extends FluentObjectAssertion<T,R>
Used for assertion calls against generic POJOs.

Extends from FluentObjectAssertion allowing you to perform basic assertions, but adds several transform methods to convert to more-specific assertion types.


import static org.apache.juneau.assertions.Assertions.*; List<MyBean> listOfBeans = ...; assertList(listOfBeans) .asItem(1) // Returns an AnyAssertion. .asBean() // Transforms to BeanAssertion. .asProperty("foo") // Returns an AnyAssertion. .asString() // Transforms to StringAssertion. .is("bar"); // Performs test.

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