Class Queryable

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public final class Queryable extends Object implements RestConverter
Converter for enabling of search/view/sort/page support on response objects returned by a @RestOp-annotated method.

When enabled, objects in a POJO tree can be filtered using the functionality described in the ObjectSearcher, ObjectViewer, ObjectSorter, and ObjectPaginator classes.

The following HTTP request parameters are available for tabular data (e.g. Collections of Maps, arrays of beans, etc...):

  • &s= Search arguments.
    Comma-delimited list of key/value pairs representing column names and search tokens.


  • &v= Visible columns.
    Comma-delimited list of column names to display.


  • &o= Sort commands.
    Comma-delimited list of columns to sort by.
    Column names can be suffixed with '+' or '-' to indicate ascending or descending order.
    The default is ascending order.


  • &i= Case-insensitive parameter.
    Boolean flag for case-insensitive matching on the search parameters.
  • &p= - Position parameter.
    Only return rows starting at the specified index position (zero-indexed).
    Default is 0.
  • &l= Limit parameter.
    Only return the specified number of rows.
    Default is 0 (meaning return all rows).
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