Interface BasicUniversalConfig

All Superinterfaces:
DefaultConfig, DefaultHtmlConfig
All Known Implementing Classes:
AtomFeedResource, BasicRestObject, BasicRestObjectGroup, BasicRestServlet, BasicRestServletGroup, BasicSpringRestServlet, BasicSpringRestServletGroup, ConfigResource, DirectoryResource, DtoExamples, HelloWorldResource, HtmlBeansResource, JsonSchemaResource, LogsResource, PhotosResource, RequestEchoResource, RootResources, RrpcServlet, SampleRootResource, ShutdownResource, UtilityBeansResource

Predefined configuration for a REST resource that supports all languages and provides common default configuration values.

Default settings defined:

This annotation can be applied to REST resource classes to define common default configurations:

// Used on a top-level resource. @Rest public class MyResource extends RestServlet implements BasicUniversalConfig { ... }

// Used on a child resource. @Rest public class MyResource extends RestObject implements BasicUniversalConfig { ... }

Note that the framework will aggregate annotations defined on all classes in the class hierarchy with values defined on child classes overriding values defined on parent classes. That allows any values defined on this interface to be overridden by annotations defined on the implemented class.

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