Class RestCallException

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class RestCallException extends HttpException
Exception representing a 400+ HTTP response code against a remote resource or other exception.
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    • getThrown

      public Thrown getThrown()
      Returns the value of the "Thrown" header on the response.
      The value of the "Thrown" header on the response, never null.
    • getResponse

      Returns the HTTP response object that caused this exception.
      The HTTP response object that caused this exception, or null if no response was created yet when the exception was thrown.
    • getResponseCode

      public int getResponseCode()
      Returns the HTTP response status code.
      The response status code. If a connection could not be made at all, returns 0.
    • getCause

      public <T extends Throwable> T getCause(Class<T> c)
      Similar to Throwable.getCause() but searches until it finds the throwable of the specified type.
      Type Parameters:
      T - The throwable type.
      c - The throwable type.
      The cause of the specified type, or null of not found.