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<dependency> <groupId>org.apache.juneau</groupId> <artifactId>juneau-svl</artifactId> <version>8.0.0</version> </dependency>

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OSGi Module


The juneau-svl module defines an API for a language called "Simple Variable Language". In a nutshell, Simple Variable Language (or SVL) is text that contains variables of the form "$varName{varKey}".

Variables can be recursively nested within the varKey (e.g. "$FOO{$BAR{xxx},$BAZ{xxx}}"). Variables can also return values that themselves contain more variables.

// Use the default variable resolver to resolve a string that contains $S (system property) variables String myProperty = VarResolver.DEFAULT.resolve("The Java home directory is $S{java.home}");

The following shows how variables can be arbitrarily nested:

// Look up a property in the following order: // 1) MYPROPERTY environment variable. // 2) 'my.property' system property if environment variable not found. // 3) 'not found' string if system property not found. String myproperty = VarResolver.DEFAULT.resolve("$E{MYPROPERTY,$S{my.property,not found}}");

SVL is a large topic on it's own. It is used extensively in the ConfigFile, REST and Microservice APIs.

Plugging in your own variables is also easy.

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