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Package org.apache.juneau.serializer

Serializer API

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Package org.apache.juneau.serializer Description

Serializer API

Table of Contents
  1. Serializer API

    1. The SerializerGroup class

  2. Defining a new Serializer

1 - Serializer API

The serialization API is designed to be easily extensible by developers.
If you are writing your own serializer, you will typically subclass directly from either WriterSerializer or OutputStreamSerializer.

1.1 - The SerializerGroup class

The SerializerGroup class represents a group of serializers registered with the media types they handle.


The SerializerGroup class provides the following features:

  • Finds serializers based on HTTP Accept header values.
  • Sets common properties on all serializers in a single method call.
  • Locks all serializers in a single method call.
  • Clones existing groups and all serializers within the group in a single method call.

Refer to SerializerGroup for additional information.

2 - Defining a new Serializer

Defining a new serializer is quite simple if you subclass directly from WriterSerializer or OutputStreamSerializer.
In each case, you simply need to implement a single method .

The following example shows a simple serializer that converts images to output streams using standard JRE classes.

/** Serializer for converting images to byte streams */ public class ImageSerializer extends OutputStreamSerializer { /** * Constructor. * @param propertyStore The property store containing all the settings for this object. */ public ImageSerializer(PropertyStore propertyStore) { super(propertyStore, null, "image/png", "image/jpeg"); } @Override /* Serializer */ protected void doSerialize(SerializerSession session, Object o) throws Exception { RenderedImage image = (RenderedImage)o; String mediaType = session.getProperty("mediaType"); ImageIO.write(image, mediaType.substring(mediaType.indexOf('/')+1), session.getOutputStream()); } }

Serializer that take advantage of the entire org.apache.juneau.CoreObject interface to be able to serialize arbitrary beans and POJOs is considerably more complex and outside the scope of this document.
If developing such a serializer, the best course of action would be to replicate what occurs in the JsonSerializer class.

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